Is this really royalty free music?

The Total Soundtrack Audio Content Agreement guarantees that all of our tracks are user royalty free for your personal and business media projects when used during a subscription period. Rights granted include Mechanical, Synchronization, and Public Performance of the media produced.

Can we customize your music?

Yes! One thing that sets Total Soundtrack apart from the rest, is that we provide our music as separated instrument tracks, and encourage you to customize our music to fit your media needs perfectly.

What happens to my projects if I don't renew my license?

At Total Soundtrack, we made sure that you are protected. The user license protects all media that is produced accompanied by Total Soundtrack music as long as it is created during your subscription period. After your subscription period is canceled, those projects continue to be protected. Rest assured, you can continue to publically showcase, distribute, and monetize your products. However, you are not allowed to continue to use the Total Soundtrack Audio Content on future projects after your license has not been renewed.

What about public performance?

Yes you can! Full rights to play our music with a license in public places.

Can we sell your music?

You are protected to monetize any type of media project accompanied by our music. However, you can't sell or give away our music, edited or not, unless part of a media production. You also can't claim ownership of our music, or transfer, share, or sub-lease the license with another party.

What's the catch?

Our Audio Content License gives you incredible freedom as a subscriber. And by Royalty Free we mean that you will not be responsible for any royalty payouts for your media. If there was A Catch, it simply would be that we reserve the right to protect our talented team that composes and creates the music you get to use.

Our team claim the rights to ownership of the music, and the benefits that come along with that ownership for content that reaches large national platforms such as a major television network. Even in these cases, you would not be responsible for any pay outs, but large organizations would be of which you would not be responsible for anything in that process. The majority of our subscribers will not be in this category, but if you have any questions, please refer to our Audio Content License.